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This Podcast Burns Fat!

Jan 10, 2023

Functional Medicine is making its presence known in the health and wellness arena big time.  With the current health landscape, people are truly looking for a better way to deal with their health crisises that are outside of the current model.  This is really showing up when it comes to weight management.  Given the explosion of the obesity epidemic and the current solutions that the medical establishment is providing, it clearly isn’t working.

To discuss how this approach is benefitting individuals get to their weight loss goals, we invited Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer to the show. Dr. Hehmeyer is the founder of Well Empowered which was created to provide answers and guidance that allows the creation of health and vitality foundationally through taking a data-driven, Functional Medicine approach.  She began this journey in 2004 when she drew a line in the sand and stepped off the "weight loss roller coaster" forever.