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This Podcast Burns Fat!

Dec 20, 2019

We live in a world of diets that call for some form of food deprivation. When we follow diets that can cut out carbs, sugar, meat, or even vegetables, there's no wonder why people follow up deprivation with binges!

Ali Kerr, author of The Binge Code, joins the show to discuss how to end the struggle with binge eating,...

Dec 10, 2019

We often make reference that weight loss is actually a byproduct of getting healthy. So it comes as no surprise that when we provide our bodies with the right food and a healthy lifestyle that supports our brain health, our bodies follow suit.

Amy Berger, the author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote, joins the show to...

Dec 2, 2019

Your weight and the health of your heart is uniquely linked. In fact, medical experts consider obesity and being overweight to be a major risk factor for both coronary heart disease and heart attack.

To help us get a handle on how to get a leaner body while increasing our heart health we invited Dr. Stephen Hussey to...