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This Podcast Burns Fat!

Sep 5, 2023

There are many commonalities between mental health and weight loss. In fact many of the lifestyle choices that we make create poor outcomes in both of these areas. Emotional factors, like stress, depression, and anxiety, often trigger unhealthy eating patterns, leading to weight gain. Conversely, excess weight can exacerbate mental health issues, perpetuating a cycle of negative emotions and overeating. Lifestyle choices, such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition, significantly impact both mental well-being and weight management. Recognizing and addressing these shared influences is key to achieving holistic health, emphasizing that mental and physical well-being are deeply intertwined.

To dive into this topic, we invited Evan Transue to the show. Evan is the host of the Health Detective Podcast and owner of Bucks County Light Therapy.  He joins the show to share his insights on his own health journey that took him through battles with his mental health and eventually leading to the discovery of how optimal mental health and proper weight management are by-products of a healthy lifestyle.