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This Podcast Burns Fat!

Jan 18, 2023

One of the most common complaints that poeple make on their weight loss journey is that there’s just too much noise when it comes to weight loss advice. By noise we mean all the talk of the various fad diets and trends that seem to always contradict one another. It is easily understandable how a person can easily be frustrated by this and get a feeling of hopelessness and quit before they start. So what if we had a blueprint that helps ditch the fad diets and helps to lose weight sustainably without any more quick fixes?

Andres Ayesta has that exact blueprint. Andres is a Registered Dietitian, CSSD, Weight Loss Expert for women, the host of The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast, and founder of Planos Nutrition. He helps highly driven women, female entrepreneurs, and executives by providing personalized, evidence-based nutrition blueprints to become the most confident version of themselves.