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This Podcast Burns Fat!

Jan 31, 2023

A plant based diet is another tool worth looking into if you are trying to shed pounds while embracing a healthy and ethical lifestyle. But, just like any other diet, there's a proper way to go about embarking on a plant based journey besides just cutting out the meat. There is a methodology to this approach and a science behind why plant based diets are getting weight loss results.

To dive into the science behind the relationship between veganism and weight loss, we invited Nafsika Antypas to the show. Nafsika Antypas is the writer, host, and executive producer of the television series, Plant-Based by Nafsika, as well as the owner of international vegan food brand, Nafsika's Garden.  She joins the show to share her journey how she turned to veganism and her mission to make the transition easy while not breaking the bank.